Dodge Challenger headlights assembly.

Dodge Challenger headlights

The exterior design of the first generation was designed by Carl Cameron, who also designed Dodge Charger in 1966. Although Challenger was well received by the public (in 1970 they sold 76935 machines), it was criticized by the press, and moreover the sales of the pony car segment declined.

After 1970, the sales plummeted, and in mid-1974 Challenger production ceased. About 165500 copies of the first generation Challenger were sold.

Model coupe was offered in four versions:

  • Challenger Six
  • Challenger V8
  • Challenger T/A (only in 1970)
  • Challenger R/T.

Version of the Challenger R/T with the convertible body was only available in 1970 and 1971. On December 3 2007, Chrysler started accepting applications for the Dodge Challenger of the second generation. In 2015 Dodge updated Challenger with Dodge Challenger headlights. It had got front and rear lights. The version was created with V6 and V8 engines and had a volume of 3.6 l(305hp..), 5.7 l(capacity of 380hp.) and 6.4 l(power 480hp.) respectively.