Dodge Charger headlights assembly.

Dodge Charger headlights

On 1 January 1966 at the annual Rose Bowl Game the audience was first shown the "Dodge Charger" — the new flagship car of Dodge. The chief designer of the project was Carl Cameron (Carl "CAM" Cameron). Sales began in mid-1966.

In 1966, a characteristic feature of the Charger became the radiator grille of the "electric shaver" - fully utilized hidden Dodge Charger headlights that had not been used by Chrysler since 1942 (on some models unit of DeSoto) — when the headlights are opened or closed, the grille looks like one-piece part. In the cabin, the Charger has four individual anatomical seats, long console from front to rear parts of the salon (full console).

The rear seats and a part of the console can be folded forward and the trunk divider can be lowered back that allows you to put the luggage inside the cabin. Many items were exclusive — door panels, dashboard lights, Dodge Charger headlights and others.

All the engines of choice were V8. Six-cylinder engines had not been offered until 1968.