Dodge Charger headlights assembly. Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Dodge Charger headlights

On 1 January 1966 at the annual Rose Bowl Game the audience was first shown the "Dodge Charger" — the new flagship car of Dodge. The chief designer of the project was Carl Cameron (Carl "CAM" Cameron). Sales began in mid-1966.

In 1966, a characteristic feature of the Charger became the radiator grille of the "electric shaver" - fully utilized hidden Dodge Charger headlights that had not been used by Chrysler since 1942 (on some models unit of DeSoto) — when the headlights are opened or closed, the grille looks like one-piece part. In the cabin, the Charger has four individual anatomical seats, long console from front to rear parts of the salon (full console).

The rear seats and a part of the console can be folded forward and the trunk divider can be lowered back that allows you to put the luggage inside the cabin. Many items were exclusive — door panels, dashboard lights, Dodge Charger headlights and others.

All the engines of choice were V8. Six-cylinder engines had not been offered until 1968.

Dodge Сompany is one of the pioneers of the American automotive industry. In the 30-ies of the last century the production became the property of Chrysler Corporation and to this day it has been producing cars, which are always popular.

The first Dodge Charger was unveiled to the public on the 1st of January 1966 at the annual Rugby competitions "Rose Bowl Game". The sale of "war horses" began in mid-1966.

A distinctive original feature of the Charger was a radiator grille, which was dubbed the "electric shaver". The grille covered the bow section so that the headlights were hidden behind it; this design "trick" was used by stylists of "Chrysler" in the 1930-ies and 1940-ies on some models of the DeSoto division. It should be noted that fragments of the grille that covered the headlamps could be removed, if necessary.

Today's Dodge Charger is a powerful machine designed for use by the whole family. It is an affordable car and offers more than you will pay for it. No wonder Dodge Charger is one of the most respected brands of cars.

One of the main concerns of car manufacturers is that it should be safe. There should be no compromises about it, because safety is above all. Taillights also contribute to the road safety.

Dodge Charger LED headlights.

At night or in poor visibility, they warn other drivers about your presence on the road. They should be very bright and visible at a great distance. New sources of light as LED headlights are very bright and they enhance the capacity of taillights.

Dodge Charger LED headlights

The picture above shows the new Projector Black Headlights for Dodge Charger.

Dodge Charger HID headlights.

According to security purposes, they must meet certain parameters adopted by the relevant authorities. They can be used as a safety feature only if they will be visible to the driver of the following car and that’s why they must have clear visibility. This quality of HID headlights was used by designers, betraying them and a decorative function.

Dodge Charger HID headlights

Spec-D Tuning Charger Halo Led Projector Head Lights Black.

Dodge Charger Halo Projector headlights

Taillights of the latest Dodge Charger are not just a pair of headlights for Dodge Charher in the rear of the car. They have an attractive cluster of lights that has different functions. They also indicate whether the vehicle is ahead, whether it will turn to the left or to the right, or stop.

Dodge Charger continues to be a great choice for the whole family, and taillights make it more safe and attractive.