Dodge Dakota headlights assembly. Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights.

Dodge Dakota headlights assembly

The mid-sized (by American standards) Dodge Dakota pick-up was firstly launched in 1987 in Michigan. The car was set with inline gasoline "fourths" motors V6 and V8 with power from 97 to 225 HP. Dodge Dakota had a version only with single row two-door cabin, and in 1989 it came with a convertible body.

In 1997 there was a change of generations, and in 2000, the model range was supplemented with two-row cabin. The basic version of the pickup truck was equipped with inline four-cylinder engine of 2.5 liters (120 HP), and the most powerful modification had the 250-strong engine 5.9 Magnum V8. In addition, the pickup was mounted with 2.5-liter turbo, developing 114 HP. Dodge Dakota of the second generation had been launched in the US until 2004, and in Brazil until 2001.

Dodge Dakota of the third generation that was being produced in the US since 2005, was offered with two-door or four-door cabin. Originally the car was equipped with Dodge Dakota LED headlights and engines 3.7 V6 (210 HP) and a 4.7 V8 with a capacity of 230 or 260 HP. In 2007 Dodge Dakota received an updated look, and the V8 engine became more powerful — 302 HP. Since 2010 this truck has been sold under a separate Ram brand.

Pickup of Dodge Dakota was first presented in 1986. Such a vehicle has become the next appearance of the big mountain to the people. This pickup was created in the best traditions of America. The second generation of this car came out already in ten years; the popularity of this machine was rather steadfast. They released even the modification of the Dodge Dakota Club for 6 persons with a long cockpit and a small cabin such style of the body was called Regular.

There is a world of special range of products that combine the best from the two worlds. It is like an actor, who is also a great singer. They are able to please their owners in many areas and when they do it, their owners love them more than the goods that surpass them in any field. It is the reason why pick-up trucks that serve as personal transport for people and cargo, are so much loved in the automotive market.

Dodge Dakota LED headlights and halo Projector head light.

Dodge Dakota LED headlights

That’s why Dodge Dakota is one of the most beloved vehicles. And if you are an owner of this car, you can improve its work at night, allowing you the purchase of halo headlights for Dodge Dakota of the latest model. You may wonder why you should replace your headlights. Well, the automotive manufacturing industry must constantly meet consumer demand, releasing the vehicle better. The creation of the best parts requires a lot of effort. And if your car is not old, you can expect the latest details, like lights.

Dodge Dakota HID headlights.

Dodge Dakota HID headlights

The headlight assembly of the latest model for Dakota car are the result of high technology and high style. One may wonder why the HID headlights must always be improved. After all, the previous model had a fairly good performance in the past. But as the car's performances are steadily improved, the lights have to keep up; otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the full operability of the vehicle at night.

Headlights for Dodge Dakota of the latest models have a powerful light source, which causes a very bright beam. This beam casts light on the way with the help of an innovative reflector. And it makes the lights a great addition to your car.