Dodge Durango headlights assembly.

Dodge Durango headlights

Dodge Durango is a full-sized SUV in accordance with the American classification. Full-sized SUV in this case means a very large SUV. Dodge Durango of the third generation that was launched in 2011 is largely unified with Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Durango is a seven-seat car that combines American simplicity and assertiveness with European attention to detail. The machine can be both rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. Durango is created in Mecca of the American automobile industry – Detroit, on the famous Jefferson North Assembly plant, which also produces Jeep Grand Cherokee since the first generation and Maserati Kubang crossover.

The first two generations of the model differed among themselves and were based on Dodge Dakota pickup truck. In August 2010, Dodge launched a web site with pictures of the elements of new Durango, such as Dodge Durango headlights. Production began in mid-December 2010, and the sales of the car came a month later.

In 2013 at the international motor show in New York there was shown an updated version of Durango of 2014th model year. The car had changed only superficially. They changed the shape of the bonnet and the bumpers, rear lights, new led units, they also changed the shape of the steering wheel.